What Makes the VPS Hosting A Good Choice For Your Growing Business?


When the traffic of your website starts increasing, the shared servers find it hard to handle the increasing demand for resources, thereby affecting the performance of your website. This leads to unsatisfactory website visitors and reduced conversions. In such a scenario, you need to upgrade the hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

Most of the business owners find it hard to decide on the type of hosting they should upgrade to when switching from the shared hosting. They find it hard to differentiate the pros and cons of all and many a time, make a wrong decision. However, before you get on that path, we would like to tell you that how VPS hosting is different from other hosting types and can be beneficial for your growing business.

What’s VPS hosting?

A VPS is a virtual server created on a physical server that serves as a home to many other virtual servers. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting also, you rent a part of the complete physical server, however, the resources and space provided to you are much more than the one provided in shared hosting.

Another difference is that in VPS hosting, each account is independent of the other accounts on the physical server. Each website is allocated independent resource and thus, there is no neighbour effect. As a result of this, the performance of your website is not compromised because of the activities performed by other users of the same physical server.

And as per its difference with dedicated hosting is considered, the VPS servers in India work like mini dedicated servers while keeping the cost minimum.

If you are still thinking about whether VPS hosting is right for you or not, the below-given benefits will help you make the right decision.

Freedom to use the required apps

In this type of hosting, your VPS server is independent of the other VPS servers and the resources used by them. And as it has its own operating system, you can install and run the app you need to boost up the performance of your website, provided that the app is compatible with the OS. You can choose the OS and the apps as per your requirements and configure your VPS server to meet your website’s needs.


VPS hosting in India serves as a midway solution between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It provides you with the features of dedicated hosting at the rate which is just a little higher than shared hosting. Thus, you can easily meet the requirements of your website while keeping your expenses low.

Enhanced performance

When you use a VPS server, the performance of your website is not affected by the other users using the same physical server. So, no matter how many resources a particular website is using, the functioning of your website will not be determined by them as your website will be allocated independent resources.

Improved scalability

There come the good times when you expand your business or when the traffic of the website increases rapidly. In such a case, you need to make sure that the hosting server can accommodate the increasing demands. And in case it is not able to accommodate, you need to scale up the operations as per your requirements. A VPS server makes this scaling easy as you can scale up the operations without interfering with the functioning of the server.

Apart from these, VPS hosting also allows you to use multiple VPS servers to run different applications. All these benefits make VPS hosting a good choice if you need beyond what shared hosting provides but at affordable costs. However, you should always seek services from a reputed provider dealing in VPS hosting in India.

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