4 Tips on How to Choose the Best Identity Verification Service for Your Enterprise


The new-age technology boosted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to empower enterprises with smart identity verification services. Be it facial recognition or voice detection, fingerprint biometrics, or retina scanning, AI has simply taken identity verification services to the next level. Above all, you can completely rely on the accuracy of computerized identity verification. In the course of this article, we will see how AI has brought a revolution in the field of identity verification services and the advantages it offers to various enterprises.

Identity Verification Service

How Does AI Help Verify Identity?

AI employs machine learning and algorithmic user identification to build a more dependable verification system. Artificial intelligence-based solutions are quicker and more secure.

Data is the most crucial component for AI to function. Consequently, gathering pertinent and precise data is required. Inferences made by machine learning are based on prior knowledge. Therefore, it’s crucial to educate the machine on the correct way to do things.

Biometric verification is used to comply with KYC and KYB regulations. It checks someone’s identity using facial scanning, fingerprints, retina scanning, and other methods. It can also be employed to verify an employee’s identity at work. The use of passwords, PIN codes, and other antiquated forms of authentication has long since been replaced by biometric authentication. Biometrics can develop data-driven security protocols with the use of AI. The biometric verification procedure has been enhanced by AI. Let’s have a look at various modes of identity verification services boosted by AI.

1.  Facial Recognition

A photo or video of the owner can be used to easily mislead facial recognition systems. Due to 2D facial recognition, the system has been tricked in numerous instances. The role of AI in this is crucial. Technology for 3D biometric facial recognition is used in AI. 3D technology can easily recognize a person’s face and can learn from a variety of images. A person wearing a face mask, a duplicate of a photo, a photocopy of the screen, or a manipulated paper containing a fake photo can all be identified by AI. This is why AI and biometrics together provide the ideal bio-authentication solution.

2.  Typing Pattern

Similar to writing, each person has a unique typing style. A person’s typing pattern can be used by AI to identify them and confirm that individual’s identity. This technology makes use of fight time, dwell time, and speed. The amount of time spent clicking on one key is known as dwell time, while the amount of time spent discharging any of the keys and tapping another key is known as fight time. The commonly used keys of a person can also be used by this system to identify them.

3.  Fingerprint Verification

The fingerprint is a unique feature and every person in the world has his or her unique fingerprint. AI makes use of the data available on a person’s fingerprint to identify him or her. This is the most common attendance recording method throughout the world. AI captures a person’s fingerprint, and processes and verifies it. The time of capture marks the time of attendance.

4.  Voice Recognition

With the help of voice recognition, you can easily make use of multiple features like answering the phone, playing your favorite music, ordering your snacks, controlling and automating the entire house, and much more. In certain cases, any disturbing noise can cause these systems to fail as they are unable to understand the voice. However, artificial intelligence is known to be successful in recognizing different voices that come with a range of tones, speed limits, accents, and many more.


Your enterprise can make the most out of the latest AI technologies to bring the perfect solution related to identity verification services. Let AI join hands with you to build a world of true identities!POS System

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