Asus RoG Phone 2- Is it really the best gaming phone?


Gaming on the phone is that one thing that everyone has started to do but it gets irritating when the quality of the processor and screen quality mess with the quality of gaming that you expect. This phone surely is packed with considerably good configuration and by looking at the specs, it is an absolute beast. But you need to know a lot of things other than what the company claims to make sure you do not get disappointed.

Asus RoG Phone 2

This is not just a phone, but equivalent to a really powerful gaming console with good battery life and a bunch of cool stuff. Have you ever experienced a 120Hz display on a mobile screen? The 6.6-inch 2340X1080 10 bit HDR AMOLED panel on the RoG Phone 2 is going to screw your mind. This combination of the latest technology in the market is absolutely a visual treat in any scenario. Thanks to the double 240Hz touchpoint rate for a buttery smooth display. You can also switch to 30Hz and 60Hz when you want the phone to be more efficient in terms of battery.

Battery and efficiency

The phone is loaded with Snapdragon 855 Plus and Qualcomm Adreno 640. The phone can be extended and the performance can be enhanced by adding up 12 GB LPDDR4X and 1 TB UFS 3.0, this will be the maximum loaded configuration provided by the manufacturers.

The phone’s battery seems to work well while playing any game of any refresh rate. The phone does not overheat or compromise the performance independent of the usage duration. So you do not have to compromise with the gaming quality in any way when it comes to efficiency of the phone. You can get great discount on electronic items online using rentomojo coupons.

Gaming hours can be interesting and you would not feel like putting the phone away. Well, the manufacturer made sure that the battery lasts long by putting in a 6000 MaH non-removable battery. You’ll get bored of the game soon before you run out of power. The phone also gives you a feature known as hyper charging with two charging ports to get the phone charged as soon as possible to get you back on gaming.


Coming to the cameras, the one thing that one checks before buying a phone. The RoG Phone 2 is loaded with two cameras, an 8-megapixel primary IMX586 sensor coupled with a 13-megapixel ultrawide camera. The camera does its job by clicking sharp and fine photos but there are better camera phones out there for sure. You won’t be needing extra lighting setup because the sensors used are capable enough to absorb and detect the maximum light but the software messes the whole thing up by extra detailing and unnatural colors.

The hardware seems to be okay but the software is just not that great, just ASUS thing, not surprised as every gaming phone is not that good when it comes to the camera quality.

In daylight, the use of HDR in the software works well and produces sharp and natural photos. The details on the photo are just right and you won’t notice any over-saturation. The photos look just fine and rich in detail until you zoom 20% and then starts to get worse. The portrait mode won’t disappoint you in any way as the brightness, detailing, sharpness was not on point but the camera did a good job. The camera also performs well in low light as well.


Speaking of the speakers, the phone is packed with two speakers and they get really loud. Just using two speakers, the phone is really good when it comes to the details and sharpness of the sound. Being loud is not enough when the speakers miss out on the detailing. You will notice a little distortion when the volume is raised to the maximum. This adds up to what the manufacturers want to provide. This phone will get your attention by the sound it produces while gaming or watching movies.You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring

Worst things about the phone

The earphone jack on the phone is quite annoying and not really placed at the right spot. No matter how you hold the phone, the earphones will keep poking you till you throw the phone away. Along with that, ASUS introduced that if you tap the volume down button twice that will open the camera. But it does not work when the phone is locked or the time when you are listening to music. Coming to the most important thing, the under-screen finger scanner is not reliable at all. Being slow, it is one of the worst scanners that manufacturers can put in a phone.

The lowest possible brightness is bright enough to make your eyes close when using the phone in dark. You might have to wear sunglasses or just turn the lights on while using it. Consider all of this before you get one for yourself.

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