Three Pillars of the Future of B2B Marketing


The friendship that has emerged between B2B marketing and digital marketing leads to a budding trend in a market, no wonder more B2B marketers are now finding digital marketing companies appealing.

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As a marketing professional, there are technical aspects to consider when creating a strategy for a business, the same goes in while creating strategies for B2B companies marketing. Technical aspects often derived from the current market trend and other factors like the business type. There is a huge discussion among B2B marketing professionals on what are the priorities to work on for this year. The discussion often goes through deep topics such as to go for social media presence or whether the use of microsite is still relevant. Marketing in the upcoming year is going to be more influenced by digital trends, and not following the trend, marketing strategy is surely going to fail.

The consensus of this year is no technology can overcome the need for the engaging content or well-crafted strategy, more focus on transparency as user demand transparent digital experience making organizations move on to the organic growth to drive demand for their brand.

Although it looks like a budding relationship between digital marketing and B2B companies now a few years back companies are hesitant to even go to any digital marketing companies Delhi NCR. And now sudden spending in digital marketing act as a boost for the industry, investing in talent and technology to excel in the digital front of their business.

B2B companies still need to up their game, use the digital marketing strategies up to the full extent. Still, there is a lot of gap between the current market requirement on digital platforms and what the B2B companies are offering. B2B companies need to work on the client comfort on the digital platform like any airline industry where the customer can choose their seats, prepay services and earn rewards. That is what we call ease which B2B companies need to upgrade themselves with.

Let’s see what the future hold for the B2B industry and where they need to focus their time and investment in digital marketing infrastructure: 

Customer Data Privacy 

None of the previous human generations has ever experienced the easiness of data sharing than the current generation. We are now sharing information just with the movement of our fingers. You may call it achievement but there are lots of concerns among the people regarding the protection of their private information. So what is private information? There are numerous answers to it, vary from person to person as they seem fit, but in general private information could be related to the information regarding their health or personal lives.

Users Privacy is the biggest concern in a lot of debates, and Government involvement has made it exponentially more important. Many countries are now coming up with their regulation like we already had Union’s General Data Protection Regulation in place now the U.S is considering doing something too for its people, to regulate the data protection law and policies. The constant news of social media companies breaching user privacy has added more to the tension.

So the next to face the heat are the digital marketing companies and now they have the responsibility to protect the client’s data and handle it with care. While building any marketing strategies customer data privacy needs to be the utmost priority. 

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

There is a shock in which the audience is going through right now that is an overload of the information or more specific content overload. Social media platform and digital running advertisement have created a scenario where every campaign, blog post or sponsored post is competing with every other campaign, blog post or sponsored post.

The only neutral ground now is the search engine, investing in SEO is the right choice to make in the current scenario. The growing trend where everyone wants an experience where they first go on the information-gathering phase before purchasing a product or making a deal is possible with SEO and sharing relevant content to the user.

Making to the top searches and providing relevant information to the customer should be a top priority for every company. 

Account-Based Marketing 

Account-Based Marketing or ABM is a multi channel process that has joins sales with marketing. To acquire the long term goal you need to invest in ABM the long term strategies works on marketing to a highly targeted audience. ABM tactics include- such as IP address-targeted ads, customized website experiences, and personalized videos occur online. Delivering to the right audience with the relevant content to them saves a lot of marketing efforts.a

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