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Back in the days when organizations, that could be either large, medium or small organizations went through a lot of struggles in processing payrolls in almost every week or month for their workers, as well as keeping track on the activities. While on the other hand, employees also went through stress just to request some time off. In deed, all those days are passed and gone due to this popular software that is used to track the activities of workers and for workers to also use to request sometime off and many other things that can be done with it. This software is a free online employee scheduling that really goes a long way to track the schedules of employees online without paying any money. With the help Time Clock Genie that is highly regarded in the US and in the world at large you can get this software on your PC or mobile devices to start keeping track on the schedules of your employees.  Below are some features of this software.

Notifies you on Employee’s Schedule

The software that we are talking about has an appealing component that is known to sending you notifications. This appealing component is called clock shield and its purpose or function is to simply be sending you notices on the particular time that an employee comes to work and the time that he/she leaves the workplace online employee time clock . You therefore receive this notice either through texts messages or e-mails whenever a worker reports late to work or when he/she reports very early. Aside from that, you are additionally notified relating to their work schedules, which is, it alerts you whether a worker is on work schedule or whether he/she isn’t on the schedule. It also has the capacity to alert you when an employee did not report to work on any given day. Therefore, I can strongly assure you that you can even stay in the comfort of your home and still keep track of the time schedules of all your employees with this advanced software from Time Clock Genie.

Ask for some Time Off

As an employee, if you find yourself in a very tight or difficult situation and you wish to ask for some time off, you can do it via this software. We all know how difficult it is to ask for a time off and the formalities that you even have to go through. In this case there is no need going through any struggle to request for some time off either to rest or to attend to a matter that needs urgent attention. All that you need to do is to get the software and then send your request with it. After you have sent in the request, all you need to do is to wait for the response of whoever is in charge to grant you that permission. If your requested is granted, you will see it and then the number of hours that you will stay off will automatically be taken from your payment. If your request is denied, the system will send you a notice that your plea was not granted.

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