How To Increase Your Website’s Views And Traffic


When increasing website traffic, it’s important to pay attention to what’s on your website. Think about what you can do with your site, what you can add, what you can remove, and what’s better for your website. Like how expert healthcare Digital marketing company, like Online Marketing for Doctors, would help you do what’s best for your website.

Increase Your Website’s Views And Traffic

Here are a few more tips you can learn on to improve your website Views And Traffic.

  1. Remove Web Bugs

Page loading speed is a critical factor for SEO. There was a time when websites took minutes to load, but today, that’s instantly considered a loss of investment. Slow loading sites can frustrate users and discourage them from waiting to see what’s on your page. This also often causes users to abandon your site. When you seek to optimize your site, remove unnecessary bugs that can slow down your page from loading. Some of these bugs can be unnecessary plugins, too many widgets available, too many sidebar options, too many ads, etc.

  1. Think Of Using Backlinks

For some, adding links to other websites isn’t good because it takes the viewers out of your page, but it’s not. This is an important tip so that when you publish a post about your profession, you can add links to other sites that offer the services they are looking for. Adding links to other sites makes your page a reliable source for new information, your site becomes a tree that branches out. You can also track which links viewers click more often; this can help you gain more ideas on how to improve your page and add more information most viewers seek to find.

  1. Create Informative And Relatable Blogs

Creating valuable content that most people enjoy and learn from is what drives them back to your site to see if there’s more. Posting content that gives viewers what they are looking for is better than writing content that matches your keywords. You can add videos, blogs, blog posts, research articles, etc. Anything and everything your viewers might want to see and know about. It’s also good to have an SEO consultant Sydney like Result Driven SEO to know more about how to market and optimize your site.

  1. Write A Precise Meta Description

A Meta Description is the description written under the page title when viewers search for your site. People often read these meta descriptions before they click on the link. It’s important to keep your description short, simple, and precise so that viewers get a glance at what they’d be seeing on your page.

  1. Optimize Page URL

A messy URL can confuse both your viewers and the search engine. Avoid making your URL full of mixed letters, numbers, and characters. Stick to the most common keywords from your site or your title. Your URL should only contain words and dashes. A long URL is better than a messy one; some URLs contain only two to four words which make it more memorable to the viewers.

  1. Be Consistent In Posting

Bringing your site to social media platforms can help increase web traffic. Posts and information rapidly spread through social media. When you create quality content, you can gain more viewers, and these viewers can share it through their social media sites. You can also work with social media influencers to promote your page or add a link to your website on their page.

Final Word

When you create a website for your content writing, blog posts, video blogs, make sure it’s worth your viewer’s time. This often drives them back to your page to wait on updates and share it with their friends.

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