A Beginners Guide to Selecting A Trusted Web Hosting Service


The terms online business and marketing highly rely on your website’s quality or web platform of choice. In case you are trying to build your own website or platform, you will need to take several tough decisions that will badly impact your complete outcome of your efforts taken. But the first big decision that you will need to take will be related to selecting a web hosting service. This is because web hosting acts as the backbone of your infrastructure, the platform that will be used to build and grow your website. If you don’t select a service that fulfills your needs can easily result in tame results. You should know a couple of things prior to selecting a service provider. Check the top aspects of web hosting that you should know before taking the final step:

A Beginners Guide to Selecting A Trusted Web Hosting Service

Limitations on bandwidth

In the world of web, you might have heard about the basic term – bandwidth. In case you aren’t aware with this term, it is very simple to understand. Basically, it is the capacity of data that you are allowed to transfer at a particular time, whether it’s uploading or downloading. Some of the web hosting services offer limited bandwidth with their plans, while some don’t put the restrictions of bandwidth.

For some it can be huge problem or a minor issue based on your website requirements and the platform you are selecting. In case you want to continue with the ongoing consistency of traffic, limited bandwidth won’t be a big deal for you. You will find cheaper plans with limited bandwidth and this won’t affect your website’s performance.

But, if you want to grow your business into a large organization or enterprise, you can and have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors per day visiting your website. To fulfill your website requirements, you need a web hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth to you. Though it might cost you a bit more, it’s the only way you can go with.

Getting excellent support

Though you might see website as a passive thing though you don’t see things moving in real time, but it’s not a mistake as website’s success is dependent on the owner’s response to issues in a faster way. It is important to commit a hosting service offering an excellent customer support. With this, you stay assured that whenever a problem arises on your platform, you can contact someone and get the issues resolved. If you don’t get the solution immediately or on time, it might damage your image and user retention. This is because your website will be buggy or offline at every minute due to the error, 

Invest in security

The next pillar of great web hosting is security. A great web hosting service is identified with their ability to secure your website. This include several things such as ensuring your website isn’t hosted on a server that comprises of 10 other websites, 2 of which are spammy. Your safety is based on your neighbors. The problems they face or create will many times affect you too. The best thing is to have your own server or server environment. Though you might need to pay more but at least you will stay away from bring in contact with issues such as getting attacked or infected by neighboring websites on the server. You also need to prevent your identity. If people find that your website is just stuffed on the server containing other websites, they won’t trust you.

Earn while you host

The easiest way to earn through web hosting is by setting up your own web hosting company. You can simply buy web hosting resources from them and resell it at your own prices. UK reseller hosting is a great way that helps you earn while you host.

After going through all these pointers, you can easily select your web hosting service. But instead of going through all the providers and plans, I would recommend you to give a try for MilesWeb’s Unlimited Web Hosting.

 MilesWeb – Introduction in Short

One of the popular web hosting companies, MilesWeb was taken on the planet by three web hosting experts. Started in India in 2012, the company has today reached new heights and is continuously growing its graph towards success. They have successfully gained the trust of over 16500 customers today and have partnered with companies such as AWS, DigitalOcean, cPanel, Plesk, Microsoft Bitninja, Let’s Encrypt and Apnic.

They won’t let you down in terms of the services offered as they offer all types of web hosting services right from shared to cloud hosting. So, may your business be a startup or a big organization, MilesWeb won’t disappoint you. Also, you won’t find delays in their customer service as they offer instant solutions for your queries. Their customer support team is available 24/7 to help you along with that you get 30 day money back guarantee and 99.95% uptime.

Unlimited Hosting

Their unlimited hosting plans are specially designed for those whose website requirements are unlimited or have a continuous growth in their traffic.

Coming to their features, they offer all the significant features for your website as below:

  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Site Builder
  • SSD Storage
  • Secure Email Accounts
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installer
  • Instant Account Setup
  • Latest PHP and MySQL
  • Datacenter Choice
  • Malware Scan and Removal

Check their customer reviews:

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