How to use AI for HR and recruitment in 2024


Finding the best person for a particular job can be tough. Evaluating dozens of prospective employees and matching them with appropriate job descriptions is no easy task. However, recruitment companies and businesses that handle their own recruitment in-house can benefit from AI software that automates many of the mundane processes involved.

HR and recruitment

How can your company benefit from AI in recruitment? Below are six methods to consider, many of which work well in tandem with each other. So, whether you gradually start adopting these methods one by one or choose to reform your recruitment processes with all of them in one go, explore them with us as we take you through each one.

Widen your search for the right people

AI recruitment tools are able to spread your hiring message across multiple platforms in a matter of minutes. Instead of your staff having to post these manually (and individually), software developed for this purpose is already plugged into a wide range of recruitment platforms, allowing you to reach a wider audience. This is one way AI can increase your potential talent pool, so get ready for an influx of CVs to start pouring in!

Automate CV screening and candidate compatibility

Okay, so now you have tons of CVs to work through. Recruitment and HR staff spend most of their time scanning through CVs, discarding the incompatible ones, and retaining the ones with the best potential. While this process gets the ball rolling on finding the right person for the job, it does take up a lot of company time.

AI recruitment software, such as the one created by South African developer Martin van Blerk, handles this process automatically. It reads through multiple CVs and filters them according to qualifications, experience, salary expectations, and even demographics. If you’re looking to integrate an AI screening tool for your recruitment, this is a great way to start.

Announce your brand with unique customization

Not only will your job posts be seen by more people, but your brand will be well represented through AI recruitment. It adds a touch of detail to your posts, showing prospective candidates who you are as a company and what they can expect if they join you.

Retain your current staff with AI-generated strategies

The talent you’re pursuing may already be present within your current company or the company of your client. AI recruitment tools possess the additional function of scanning through existing employee contracts and suggesting in-house employees for the position being advertised.

Retaining talent is just as important as acquiring it. These tools go a step further by generating strategies that help you or your client retain staff. AI performs severalHR functions that help you better understand the growth and development of the employees already working in a company.

It goes without saying that seeking to promote employees will make them feel a sense of loyalty to your company and encourage harder work among the rest. Is your perfect candidate already working for you? AI recruitment is a quick and effective way to find out.

Automate query responses

Once you have a pool of fitting applicants, you still have the task of keeping them in the loop with all that will be required of them to move the process forward.Interview dates, frequently asked questions, and appointment scheduling can take up a lot of time for your recruitment staff.

Chatbots are a nifty little benefit to integrating AI into your recruitment process. You’ll have a platform where all viable candidates have been included and where communication can happen in one centralizedplace.

AI will be able to filter out common queries by answering them directly or passing them on to a human agent wherever appropriate. Your recruiters will have more time to dedicate to their important tasks without being distracted by endless questions.

Use analytics to predict character compatibility with company culture

The assessment of individual personalities is where AI recruitment software really shines! Often more important than qualifications are personality traits such as work ethic, the ability to work in a team, and self-motivation.

These qualities and others may end up defining the position in question more emphatically, which is why it’s so important to assess them. AI recruitment technology is being refined to better understand human emotion and will allow recruiters to better perceive which candidate is better for the position being advertised.

AI can be invaluable in the recruitment process

Opting to implement AI processes into your recruitment is a wise step to speeding up recruitment and effectively improving it. Obtaining recruitment software that’s powered by AI, and already focuses on each of these processes, is even better. So, whether you own a recruitment company and want to effectively handle more clients, or if your company is continually hiring all the time, consider these methods as a way to polish the process.

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