What does Helium 10 Xray mean?


The best Amazon product research tool is Helium 10’s Xray, which works in tandem with the company’s Black Box tool to help you reveal the sensitive information about the items you’re looking for. The application gives you access to a trustworthy source of market data that aids in your search for the best items to succeed in your sector. With xray helium 10 tool, you have access to 450+ million ASINs, giving you the ability to see the precise monthly revenue of your rivals.

Your product research will be much easier if you use Xray as standalone program or a Chrome extension. The Xray Chrome extension allows you to browse Amazon and retrieve the most information about the products that are displayed in the Amazon search results. The “Success Score” component of the Xray tool indicates the total value of a certain product. Finding a successful product is said to be significantly influenced by the Success Score. However, you can look at each Data Point in further depth.

How Should You Configure and Operate the Helium 10 Xray Tool?

The Helium 10 Chrome plugin includes the Xray tool. Let’s examine the installation process for the Chrome extension and the Xray utility.

  • From the official website, download the Helium 10 Chrome extension. To get right to the download section, click here.
  • Download the Helium 10 extension to the extension bar after downloading it. To sign into your Helium 10 account, click the icon.
  • Your Amazon Seller account will then need to be linked to the Helium 10 extension, which you must do next.
  • Now, you may search for a certain product on the official Amazon page. However, with these settings, a search result will simply display the ASIN, BSR, and number of sellers of the products. To view the in-depth analysis, go to the extension bar and activate the Xray tool.
  • You can reload the page to get the deep insights of each product after activating the Xray tool.
  • The Settings section of the Helium 10 extension is where you may change the Success Score setting. To view the history of Search Volume in monthly, quarterly, and yearly aspects, choose a product.
What do Helium 10 Xray data points represent?

Specific metrics columns for a researched product are included in the Data Points.

  • Total Revenue: The total monthly revenue for a particular product is displayed in this column. It aids sellers in comprehending the size of the market and the likelihood of launching a business with a comparable product.
  • Average Revenue: This column displays the monthly average revenue received by the listed sellers. It aids sellers in understanding how much revenue they may anticipate from a given product if they begin with that particular product.
  • The average best seller ranking (BSR) displays both the most recent and previous best seller rankings for all products listed in a certain category. This column displays a product’s performance in relation to similar products in the same category.
  • Average Cost: The average costs of comparable goods are displayed in this column. This measure can be used by vendors to determine their own product prices.

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