5 Easy Steps of Music Video Marketing


Music Videos are one of the most effective and valuable assets for a music artist that help to grow and pave a successful career ahead. However, the market is getting quite competitive with millions of emerging music artists and content across the world. Modern-day music artists know that only crafting good music and making good is not enough to get maximum attention. It required following some effective strategies for music promotion and music video marketing which allows stepping ahead in the game and standout. Let’s take a better look at five simple ways to do it.

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1. Build Anticipation before the Release

Nobody is going to know about your new song unless you promote it, because online users have not discovered you yet. In order to get maximum buzz on the release and after, you must create anticipation for your music video. Share small teasers that can make the viewers excited about the premiere of the video. Either you can directly announce the release date or you can proceed with a mysterious approach with no certainty. Either way, the audience will like the suspense building.

2. Interact with the Audiences

The audience is the king here who will help you gain more popularity and become successful. So, you better treat them right or you will be losing them over time. Try to interact with the audience more often through the likes and comments. They will show their support even more when you share a bit of love. You can also send updates or ask them to subscribe to your newsletter which only strengthens the communications. When they are genuinely connected with you, they are more likely to become loyal fans.

3. Utilize the Social Media Platforms

It is not unknown that social media plays a vital role in everyone’s life and most online users are hooked into these platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Utilize these platforms to market your video and you will be able to create an impactful social buzz. Platforms like TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest can help you gain a new audience base and if they like your work; they are going to follow you. As a result, you not only receive more viewers but also a handful of new followers and fans as well.

4. Optimize SEO on YouTube

Search Engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in all kinds of marketing approaches and for music videos, it is even more important. YouTube is the second largest search engine owned by Google and according to a recent survey, 93% of the most watched videos on YouTube are music videos only. So, if you optimize SEO on YouTube, there is a chance to get viral as well. Look for relevant keywords with high search volume and incorporate them in your channel and video description. It will help you gain more online visibility on the platform.

Collaborate with Others

Collaboration is the oldest trick in the book of marketing that is utilized by most music artists. When you collaborate with another artist, both of you get to share each other’s audience base and thus, it is improved. Also, unique collaboration projects add more dynamics to your musical creations which make your channel more attractive for all.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned simple ways of music video marketing work quite well for all kinds of artists whether a singer, rapper, DJ, or composer. But, it still requires an ample amount of time and consistency to these approaches to get the best results. Instead, you can hire a professional agency for the purpose which can offer you much time to work on your next project.

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