6 Key Trends To Consider While Developing A Mobile Application


Developing a mobile application can be a lucrative business. If you have an idea and know how to develop an app, businesses are willing to pay thousands of dollars for it. As the world keeps on shifting into the era of mobile apps, the demand for app developers is increasing by leaps and bounds every day.

In today’s world, smart devices are an indispensable tool and helps us perform almost every day-to-day activity. This has certainly led to a fierce competition in the mobile market, especially in the application marketplace. Every mobile developer has a keen knowledge about current mobile app development trends and keep experimenting with new ideas.

Mobile Application

Security is a concern for most mobile applications. As you can imagine, the rising trend in smartphones and tablet devices has given rise to more possible data breaches through vulnerable software. In fact, the majority of mobile applications will fail security testing. If you want to make sure that your application passes that test, then you will want to read this article today!

Augmenting Beacon and Other Location-Based Services

Location-based services are projected to bring around $1 billion in revenue by 2016. Beacon technology is becoming popular among websites and mobile apps to fetch the user’s location and accordingly share personalized ads and messages to interact with, and attract potential customers. Other location-based Wi-Fi services are also becoming popular, which have helped by enabling enterprises better visibility about their customer traffic, making it easier for them to target a particular user group with relevant offers or promotions.

Growing Digital Mobile Payment

Today, we live in a digital world where everything is available on the internet. Digital mobile payments have become the most convenient way to make payments anywhere and anytime. Since their introduction, they have expanded rapidly both in terms of popularity and growth. One can’t ignore the incessant growth in the number of digital mobile payment providers; Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay are already in the market. These services have nicely evolved mobile payments which are already popular and will become more popular in the coming years.”

Wear ables and IoT

Wearable and IoT go hand-in-hand. With the increasing craze of wear ables, it is likely to see more and more fitness tracking apps in wea rables like Apple Watch, instead of a device-specific fitness tracker. However, fitness applications are just an example: there are myriads of applications like productivity applications. The fashion and textile industries are also seeking technique to reap the benefits of this new field by integrating some aspects of it into their products.


The IoT has already set a new paradigm for mobile app development, which will take it a notch higher. There are several stats that indicate that the IoT will play a prime role in the forthcoming years and it won’t be wrong to state that wea rables are one of the key segments in it.

1. We will have billions of things and people connected with each other by 2020. 2. More than 30% of growth in the global IoT market is expected by the year 2019. 3. IoT products and their supplier will generate a hefty revenue.

Wear ables and IoT has opened a lot of doors for mobile applications. Many enterprises have already integrated IoT, and it is slated that they will focus more on private cloud networks and sensor systems in the future, rather that restricting to just wear ables and mobile devices. With wearable devices becoming more advanced, integrating IoT can provide numerous possibilities for businesses by creating powerful applications such as smart cities, smart homes, smart clinics and so forth.

Surge in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the world, and we’ve been using it in our everyday applications like Google Docs. This can be a boon to developers as they can easily build applications that use cloud technology with very little effort. Cloud services like servers, databases, and storage are making an impact in their respective domains. Wearable devices and IoT will also become trendsetters by using cloud technologies to make them better, smarter and more efficient.

Enterprise Applications

Businesses across the globe are leveraging enterprise applications to drive their revenue generation. Among various app categories, enterprise application development are preferred by developers for their monetary advantages.

The opportunities to work for an enterprise are increasing and will continue to do so. This is so because more and more enterprises are considering mobile platforms in order to either leverage their services and products, or boost their productivity, and ultimately benefit their business by targeting colossal mobile users. Thus, enterprise applications will surely further evolve.

We are living in the age of mobile technology. Everyone has a smartphone, and you can access almost everything on your phone. The fact is that mobile app development is taking over the world by storm. It is quickly becoming one of the biggest sectors in business today. If you want to stay ahead the curve and ensure a successful development business, then it is advisable to keep up with these mobile application development trends.

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