Is the iPhone 12 Worth Owning? Complete Review & Buyer Guide


Technology! When talking about technology, of course there will be no end. At present, the rapid development of technology has only slightly affected the lifestyle of every society in general. This is because the current technological developments tend to influence the mass communication model to carry out activities. Buy iPhone 12, a smart phone from Apple, which occupies the smartphone empire, is presented as a means to make it easier for you to do activities to communicate with others and surf in cyberspace

In ancient times, maybe the internet could be considered something so luxurious and complicated for people who were clouded by technology. But now we can see the difference, the internet has become something commonplace, commonplace or common for most people. Not a few people are active users of social networks, interact intensively with other individuals in any part of the world using the internet or cyberspace.

In this day and age, some individuals may be said to be too over-looking or using the gadgets they have. It can be said that because kaoan wherever and wherever he is, even though he will not be able to get out of his cellphone. Especially now that the digital era has developed, so that many things can be done in one hand. Not to mention the rise of underage children who are now getting addicted to gadgets or games contained in these gadgets.

Over time, many changes have occurred between now and several years ago. For example, the behavior of these children. In the past, they mostly socialize, do outdoor activities, such as sports, soccer, playing in the park, playing marbles and so on. When smartphones haven’t appeared, parents often invite their children to do outdoor activities, with their family, neighbors or relatives. And at that time, was a time when gadgets and technology had not had a significant impact on people’s social life. Everything is different and inversely proportional to today, where the majority of people are always busy with their respective smartphones, busy seeing the updated status on their smartphones.

If we look at the comparison of technological developments above with current technological developments which are increasingly sophisticated and up-to-date, it can be said directly or indirectly that they have a negative impact on information that is not necessarily true and has no clear origin. For example, the dissemination of misleading information or too much information is discussed in cyberspace or the internet, but it is not necessarily useful for those who read it. This of course can cause the recipients of the information to experience excess information, because we are forced to accept this at random from any information we process.

It would be nice if in this era of globalization and increasingly sophisticated technological developments, we, as connoisseurs and users of technology, must wisely use and apply the needs of technology in our daily lives. All these things now depend on each individual, because only you can control yourself from technology that is increasingly mushrooming and developing rapidly.

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