MilesWeb’s Self-Managed VPS Hosting for Technically Skilled Website Owners


Making sure that your website runs smoothly with no downtimes is imperative for businesses. Websites need more server resources like bandwidth, memory storage and processing as they grow. Technically speaking, upgrading your hosting is the only way to keep up with the load your site endures. Issues like slow loading speeds and server overloads are a result of an inferior web hosting service plan. They fail to provide enough resources for the site.

Did you know: More than 25% of users would stop browsing a site if its loading time is more than 3 seconds. This is a deal-breaker for websites that are doing business online.

If you are using shared hosting for your site and it has started showing signs for an upgrade, it’s time you get a VPS hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is a hosting service where you host your website on a server’s section. The server section allocated to you is enhanced to be an independent server machine on a virtual level to give you resources akin to a dedicated server.

Salient features of VPS are:

  • You get substantial resources with your virtual server that you don’t have to share with other websites.
  • You can even upgrade VPS resources like RAM, memory storage or CPU power, depending on your service provider.
  • The server settings are freely customizable in VPS hosting.
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VPS makes a perfect upgrade option for websites that have a resource requirement that surpasses shared hosting.

Self-managed VPS hosting by MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a web hosting provider with a diverse collection of web hosting services for every requirement. The VPS hosting has the best cloud infrastructure with advanced technical features such as SSD storage, high performing Intel CPUs – everything at inexpensive rates.

MilesWeb provides best unmanaged VPS hosting and managed VPS hosting services with Linux and Windows. Let us take a closer look at self-managed VPS hosting.

Linux VPS hosting

The Linux VPS hosting service by MilesWeb has impressive features:

  • KVM hypervisor: The Linux VPS hosting by MilesWeb comes with an in-built KVM hypervisor. A hypervisor is important in the virtualization of your server hosting platform. KVM hypervisor is counted among the best.
  • Cloud infrastructure: You get a dedicated IP and robust cloud infrastructure on a 100Mb/sec network.
  • SSD drives: The server machine’s performance is enhanced by SSD drives which ensure high-speed data transfers. This enables the hosting to boost page loading speeds.
  • Full control: You get full root access giving you admin authority on your virtual hosting server. They even provide you with a free Secure Shell(SSH) client to connect directly to your server. It allows you to freely customize the server settings to your liking.
  • Unlimited hosting: There is no limit to the number of sites you can host with VPS hosting. You can also deploy multiple virtual servers with the same VPS account increasing your hosting ability manifold.
  • Resource Monitoring: VPS hosting of MilesWeb comes with a user-friendly resource-monitoring dashboard. It allows you to track memory usage, reboot VPS, check the status of your server and handle other configurations of your VPS server.
  • Free setup: MilesWeb charges no fees for deploying the Linux VPS hosting on the server.
  • Choice of control panel: You get to choose among the best control panels- cPanel, Webuzo and Plesk. Although that choice would largely depend on what OS you would deploy.
  • Multiple choice of OS: You can choose between multiple operating systems like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora in the self-managed Linux VPS hosting.
  • Pricing: Self-managed Linux VPS hosting plans cost between ₹360 to ₹4,290 per month. The pricing is based on the capped resources like processor, bandwidth and memory storage. MilesWeb also provides cheap managed VPS hosting.

Linux is an open-source operating system that provides unlimited freedom. It makes self-managed Linux VPS like an open canvas to developers. The customizations and freedom you get with this plan is something that developers crave.

Windows VPS Hosting

MilesWeb offers incredibly powerful Windows VPS servers that are perfect for projects requiring heavy resources. The dedicated resources you get on a Windows VPS are based on Windows 2016 server. Although many developers prefer Linux based VPS hosting service, there is a lot that Windows VPS has to offer.

  • RDP access: Remote Desktop Access or RDP is a networking communications protocol by Microsoft. RDP allows the user to remotely manage and access the server with the authority of admin. This feature is unique to Windows VPS and it gives great flexibility and ease of access for server admin. It allows users to remotely configure, diagnose and resolve problems with the VPS server.
  • SSD drives: VPS servers of MilesWeb run on SSD drives that provide high-speed data transfers and increase performance of your website by supporting heavy software applications.
  • Control panel: Windows exclusively supports Plesk control panel. The user interface of Plesk works goes very well with Windows GUI. MilesWeb provides different packs of Plesk control panels suited to your requirements. All you have to do is, install and run the application.
  • NET websites: ASP.NET is an open-source web application framework that is used to design dynamic websites. Windows VPS provides natural compatibility to ASP.NET as both are developed by Microsoft. You get to work with the latest versions of ASP.NET and ASP with the Windows VPS hosting.
  • Pricing: Self-managed Windows VPS hosting plans cost between ₹720 to ₹8,580 per month. The pricing includes the Windows licensing fees charged by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows is a premium operating system. It provides a robust and secure framework for VPS hosting and is mostly preferred by businesses that handle sensitive data online.


Self-managed VPS services are ideal for developers and technically skilled owners that can manage and carry maintenance of the server hosting. It gives them absolute authority and control over the server. They can freely configure the server settings and make any changes they deem necessary or desire.

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