Make Web Accessibility Powerful and Simple with The Accessibe WordPress Solution

accessi be wordpress

Besides a good web design, SEO and functionality, business owners should pay attention to web accessibility for their WordPress sites. However, unfortunately, many business owners overlook its importance, which leads to future problems.

When it comes to web accessibility, it is not different from physical accessibility in the real world. You are able to give every visitor who visits your site an optimal browsing experience. In fact, it gives you a competitive edge in the market as you become the owner of a site that is accessible to everyone, including users with a disability.

Boost business credibility with the Accessibe WordPress solution

When it comes to WordPress sites, business owners must ensure they are accessible to every user online, including those with disabilities. Though WordPress attributes a lot of importance to accessibility, some business owners use templates that might not be accessibility-friendly.

Here, they can enhance the accessibility of their sites with the help of the accessibe wordpress plugin tool that works 24/7 to boost the accessibility of the site. It scans the site daily to ensure it is compliant and makes automatic adjustments to screen readers and keyboard navigation for users with disabilities. This tool just needs to be installed to work with the code of the site.

Bridging the web accessibility gap

 Users with disabilities navigate the Internet in a different way. They generally rely on keyboards and screen readers to interact with the site. Sadly, few sites cater to their needs, and the web accessibility gap between users with disabilities and their accessibility to websites is increasing.

Those that use screen readers believe that over 60% of the content on the Internet has not changed, and the scenario has worsened from 2019 to 2020. The reasons for deterioration can be attributed to the lack of awareness, practical tools, and skills pertaining to web accessibility.

Consider the potential needs of your visitors

 In brief, it can be said that web accessibility refers to the consideration of the potential needs of the web visitor and offering them enhanced web practices. If one stays ignorant about the needs of their users, the web accessibility gap will only widen over time.

When it comes to bridging the web accessibility gap, the accessibe wordpress plugin plays a vital role. It helps your business to stay updated with the accessibility standards laid down by WordPress, especially when you update the site with new content, themes, and plugins. It eliminates the time that web developers take to fix accessibility issues for users with disabilities and saves the business a lot of costs in the process. Your site is automatically monitored daily, alleviating stress and tensions for business owners.

Business owners can focus on the core matters of their companies better. They do not have to be afraid of overlooking specific areas that might become the subject of a web accessibility lawsuit. Several nations across the world have made web accessibility legal, and its non-compliance will lead to lawsuits and hefty fines if the business is not careful.


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