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Surviving a prehistoric world of countless creatures ranging from the mighty Tyrannosaurus to majestic Brontosaurus, and even tiny insects, is no easy feat. You must build or acquire shelter, weapons and armour while searching for food in order to survive. But don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these tasks as there are plenty of ways to get started in the game. You can tame wild animals for example, and provide them with feed. The same goes for taming dinosaurs (which I highly recommend!) so that they provide you with at least some fish which serves as your primary source of food through hunting other creatures/player’s death.

What is Ark Survival Evolved?

Survival has never been easier. At least as far as its hardcore survival elements are concerned. Ark Survival Evolved is a First-Person (FPS) game where players are tasked with surviving the harsh, prehistoric world of the ARK (The Island). You will have to hunt for food, build shelter and weapons and grow crops in order to survive the elements that can easily take you out of this game.

As the name suggests, Ark Survival Evolved is inspired by dinosaurs: a whole bunch of them! From small ones like Parasaurolophus to giant ones like Tyrannosaurus Rex, you are bound to find some creature that resembles a dinosaur in your travels. Not all dinosaurs are tamed and controlled. Once the player dies, their character is resurrected as a zombie and can be killed by other players in the game.

Significance of Ark Survival Evolved Server:

The survival aspect of this game is really a great one and takes away all the thought processes of other games which have kept players glued to the screens for hours. There are many complexity factors in this game that will keep you hooked and playing it for a while.

Ark Survival Evolved Server Overview:

The server has been built with hardcore survivalist in mind but we don’t claim to be 100% realistic. This is a Unique Server, meaning it has been created specifically for hardcore survivalists, not just someone who wants to have an RPG style game on his or her PC. We have put in our own personal touch on the server so you can play it according to how you want it.

Functions of Ark Survival Evolved Server:

The server has been created to cater to the hardcore survivalist in mind. This includes but not limited to:

  • No resets/restarts, no griefing/trolling, and no calling friends or asking for help when you are in trouble (Even if you are).
  • We have put some server rules to keep things in order.
  • Multi language support is possible, we just ask that before you speak up that the server is still running properly and not lagging. Also make sure the game is closed before speaking up in other languages.
  • We use Discord as an in-game chat for communication, this is a free service that can be found on the internet.
  • The server has been created with customization and file modifications in mind. You can modify almost anything about your own game, but we ask that you do not modify files that are not yours. We will provide all the files you might need, including mods and addons.

Ark Survival Evolved Server Features:

The server currently has many features such as:

  • Ranging from  Basic/Intermediate to Advanced, we have put a lot of time and effort into making this game as realistic as possible while still keeping some of the fun aspects in it.
  • We have many different biomes and climates; we have vast deserts, snowy mountains, tropical forests, arctic tundras, swamps and lots more.
  • PVP has been disabled but will be re-enabled soon.
  • And of course Dino breeding is present!

Tips to get Best Ark Servers:

1) Find a Server That’s Active:

The most important thing is to find the best ark server that has enough players in it (But not too many). The more active/active the server, the more likely you will be able to find players who want to play with you and not against. A well-running server with a good amount of active players is what you need.

2) Play Often:

This server requires you to play often, but it also gives you many things like prestige and achievements if you play often enough. You can get more points by playing often on this server, as opposed to playing on other servers where there is maybe no point after your first few days. If you can play often, this server is definitely for you.

3) Get Social:

If you want to make friends or just talk to other active players, there is a chat on our Discord (mentioned above). You need to join the Discord server in order to be able to use chat commands inside the game. This will allow you to create friends on the server and maybe make your own tribe.

4) Be Active On Discord Server:

Discord is a free chat service that we use as an alternative chat because it allows us to type in channels with custom commands, which allows our server admins/developers to give rewards for chatting/doing various things like playing often.


The game server is really a great one and veers away from the regular survival games that are being played these days. The server will keep you hooked for a while mostly because of the dinosaur spawns, which are quite abundant. There is no need to worry about resetting or dying as this server is designed for truly hardcore survival players who don’t mind the lack of resets or respawning.

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