What Is Job Card Software And How Does It Work?


Simply put, a job card is an outline of the work required and completed for a particular job, used in a wide variety of industries globally. Job cards give workers a detailed description of what the job entails and constructive feedback upon completion of the job.

With everything on paper, job cards are printed out and given to workers, who then complete the job and deliver the job card back to the main office. This is a risky way to manage data, as job cards can easily go missing and workers may capture data incorrectly. So how do we work around this? Introducing job card software.

What Is Job Card Software?

Everything is transitioning towards online operation, including job cards. Job card software manages job cards electronically, allowing you to create job cards and enter in all the necessary details required for workers to get the job done and to do it well. This includes a summary of all tasks and activities, job addresses and contact details necessary and more.

Job card software alleviates the risks of job cards getting lost and allows for data and requirements to be easily updated as you go along, making it much more effective for workers and businesses together. Job card software makes all necessary details easily accessible whenever, wherever.

How Does Job Card Software Work? 

Ultimately, once a job card has been created businesses can delegate jobs to the appropriate available workers. Workers can then access their job cards on the software system using their phones or tablets. Once the job is done and all requirements have been met, workers can mark tasks as ‘complete’ and enter in the details of their work.

Businesses can use the information from job cards to create invoices of work for their clients, giving them a clear outline of the work that has been done and what they will be paying for. Job card software simplifies the task of tracking jobs and what has been completed greatly. Workers can update their electronic job cards quickly and will never have the inconvenience of losing a job card.

Job card software is extremely beneficial in creating a system where work is conveyed and completed efficiently and effectively. To learn more about job card software, get in touch with a BluWave representative today.

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