Why Video Content Should be Part of Your SEO Strategy


Video contentis a vital part of your SEO strategy,which sets the foundation for your entire online marketing presence. This content will increase your engagement, conversions, and revenue. It’ll also help to improve your SEO efforts in several important ways.

SEO Strategy

Since Google cares about the video, you should too.

Google’s internal algorithm, which is used to generate SERPs,places great value on your content quality and relevance to search intent. To determine these things, Google looks at both text and video content. When both are present, your pages look both informative and varied, which is important in boosting your site up in the SERPs.

Video is a great way to generate traffic.

Google also looks at how much incoming traffic your site receives. It believes that there’s a reasonwhy somesites receive a lotofreturn visitors and thatnew visitors will also appreciate this site. One of the biggest reasons why some sites receive so much trafficis that they have included videos as part of their SEO strategy. Research has shown that people are more likely to visit your site after they see a video by you on social media. So the more video content you’re able to create, the more high-quality traffic you’ll draw to your website, which will give your overall SEO a boost.

When you have video content on your website, people will stay there longer.

It’s also important to remember that search engines pay attention to how long people stay on your website once they arrive there. If you have a lot of traffic that only stays for a few seconds, search engines will think that your content is very good, which is why people are going elsewhere to find the answers they need.However, when you include video creation as part ofyour SEO strategy, you’re more likely to keep people on your pages for longer. This is because people are more likely to watch a video than to read an article – even if both contain the same information.

Backlinks are important and easily gotten through videos.

One ofthe most importantfactorsthat are used by Google to determine its SERPs ishigh-quality backlinks. They believe that the more people who link to your content, the moreauthority your content has, and thus, they’ll move you higher up in the SERPs. Therefore, you want to create video content on social mediato help youobtain more high-quality trafficand also give your social media marketing a boost.For these reasons, you should consider it a vitalpart of your SEO strategy.

Videosmake your SEO strategy more valuable.

Unfortunately, all these aforementioned tips are meaningless unlessyou can convert trafficinto paying customers.Believe it or not,studies have found thatshoppersare twice as likelyto buy something from you after they’ve seen a product video. Therefore, videos don’t only help you improveyour SEOso you get more traffic, but they also help you with your conversions.This clearly demonstrates that every part of your sales funnel is impacted by video content and that it offers anROI that you absolutely want to take advantage of.

Get started with videos today.

There are many different components that are important to your SEO strategy. Keeping your business up and running is just as important as marketing. If you don’t have an in-house marketing department, reach out to us at theLocal SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL,today. We look forward to helping you put all your components together so that you can start getting the clients you want and need.

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