How Can Cloud Hosting Help Boost Your Website SEO?


What started as an alternative way of promoting your business has evolved into an unavoidable option. We are talking about digital marketing and the online presence of a brand. Until a decade ago, the traditional forms of marketing were highly effective and digital marketing offered an additional push to achieve the marketing goals of a business. However, in the current times, brands do not have the option of ignoring their online presence.

Talking about online presence, a website lies at the heart of it use employee productivity tracker . Social media platforms and search engines have become game-changers of the market and hold power to make or break a business overnight. Hence, optimizing your website for search engines (or search engine optimization or SEO) is a must.

There are many factors that can improve the ranking of your site on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Of these, the hosting service plays a pivotal role since the performance of the site is primarily determined by the hosting server it resides on. There are various hosting servers available like Shared Hosting Server, VPS Server, Cloud Hosting Server, Dedicated Server, etc.

Today, we are going to talk about Cloud Server Hosting and look at how it can boost your site’s SEO. This will help you look for the right features while researching Cloud Hosting providers and finding the perfect service for your site.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In the Cloud Hosting setup, the website data is stored across multiple servers powered by the cloud storage network. Hence, in Cloud-based Hosting services, you enjoy benefits like blazing fast speeds, instant resource scalability, high reliability, advanced data redundancy, cost-efficiency, etc.

Here are some features of Cloud Hosting that benefit your SEO efforts for your website:

Cloud Hosting

1: Fast Loading webpages

Search engines are user-centric platforms. Hence, they rank websites that offer better user experience higher than the others. The loading speed of the website is an important aspect of the site experience. Hence, to improve your SEO score, you need to ensure that your site loads within 2/3 seconds. While there are many factors affecting the speed of a website, the hosting plan is crucial too.

Cloud Hosting solutions have a powerful cloud-based storage network that ensures that requests are processed faster. Additionally, most Cloud Hosts use a Content Delivery Network and caching server to boost site speeds by up to 1000x!

2: Reliability (Uptime)

Search engines also do not like websites that are frequently down. Hence, a hosting service that ensures maximum uptime can boost your SEO score. The Cloud Hosting architecture ensures that the downtimes are minimal since there is no single point of failure. The cloud storage network ensures that even if one server goes down, another steps-in and ensures that the site’s uptime is not affected. This helps you with your SEO efforts.

3: Geographical Location

The location of the webserver also impacts the SEO score of a site. We live in times when the world is evolving into a unified marketplace. Hence, a business in Australia can have a target market in the USA. However, if the webserver is located in Australia, then latency can impact the website’s performance. Search engines also consider the location of the server while determining the page rank. While some businesses try to invest in another server that is geographically closer to their target market, it can be a costly approach.

With Cloud Hosting, your website is not stuck to a geographical location since your site’s data is spread across the cloud storage network which has servers around the globe. Hence, the server closest to the user processes the request reducing the latency and boosting your SEO score.

You can also check out the following video to understand Cloud Hosting’s impact on your site SEO:

Summing Up

As mentioned above, there are various factors impacting the SEO of your website. However, if your hosting service is not SEO-friendly, then all other SEO efforts can fail to generate results. Hence, choose a hosting service like Cloud Hosting that works in sync with your SEO-related efforts and improves the page rank of your site. You can also opt for SSD-based Cloud Hosting plans that offer better speed and performance to further improve your site’s SEO. Good Luck!

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