MilesWeb Review: Why to Sign up for Their Reseller Hosting?


The word reseller itself sounds interesting to me. The literal meaning of reselling means selling goods, services, labels and so on to someone else taking out your profit. But, before directly hopping on the topic of reseller hosting, let us know what web hosting is.

Consider an example

The home where you are living is either leased or purchased. Once you rent or buy a house, you place all your belongings in the house which was all vacant. Similarly in web hosting, you buy or rent server space which is compared to a house here, and the belongings that you are going to drop in your home here is the website. The procedure by which we place the website(of company or personal) on the Internet is called web hosting. There are different web hosting types through which one can host his website. The different web hosting genres are shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and reseller hosting.

If you search around in the market, you’ll know there are countless web hosting providers out there. The question that arises is which web hosting type you should pick, and why. As I have mentioned the types of web hosting, we’ll have a gist about each one.

Shared web hosting: The web hosting type in which your website will share the server space and resources with other websites is called shared hosting. This is generally preferred by small scale business or start-ups as its price is less. It is probably best suited for websites with less traffic.

VPS web hosting: Virtual private server is abbreviated as VPS. Whenever you are willing to switch from shared to other hosting due to limited resource issues, switching to VPS is the best option. VPS provides the users to have a dedicated IP and OS of choice. It also gives the feature called scalability, where you can have more resources scaled up according to the need of a website.

Dedicated web hosting: If you have a sound and established business where you have numerous customers, in that case you can opt for dedicated web hosting. This provides you the entire ownership of the server you are buying or leasing. You are the only one using the resources and services of the server. It is quite costly compared to other types as the resources provided are unlimited.

Reseller web hosting: If you are looking forward to starting your business in web hosting, reseller is a good option. In reseller web hosting, you can lease or buy server space from an established web hosting provider like MilesWeb. Reseller hosting will surely give you recurring revenue.

How reseller hosting works and why you should take it from MilesWeb?

Reseller hosting is attractive because it is making you an entrepreneur, you are going to have your own web hosting business. You buy a reseller web hosting plan from the service provider and sell it to your clients without them noticing the same. All you are doing is buying it and selling it to others at the rate preferable to you making profit. The client support is taken care of by the hosting providers, you get the plan from.

Coming to MilesWeb, it provides the best web hosting services be it shared, reseller, dedicated or VPS.

About MilesWeb:

MilesWeb, a web hosting company, was established in 2012. The company provides 70+ web hosting plans under different types of web hosting. They provide hosting services for Linux as well as Windows OS, which most of the service providers don’t provide. With 20,000 happy and satisfied clients, the company is booming in the world of web hosting worldwide. Though, MilesWeb is an India based company, they have data centers around the globe. Above all, the company provides 24*7*365 customer service to the clients through emails, phone calls, messages.

Know why to select MilesWeb for a reseller plan

Client support: While you are looking for the cheap reseller hosting plans be careful about the customer support. See to it that, the hosting provider through which you are getting the plan will be available when you are unanswerable to your clients. If you belong to non-technical background it is going to get difficult for you to manage your customers hence, you need backup from your web hosting provider.

Scalability:  Make sure your web hosting provider gives scalability when the traffic on your website increases substantially. The term scalability means getting extended resources and services when needed by the website.

Uptime: Are your clients happy with the performance of your website? If your website is taking more time than expected for loading, you certainly have uptime issues. Be sure about the uptime guarantee, your hosting provider is giving you. MilesWeb is best as it is giving a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Refund Policy: In case you are not happy with the service,check if your provider is giving you a refund in said days.

All the above-mentioned points are thoroughly fulfilled by MilesWeb. With unlimited ssd reseller hosting, they also furnish Windows reseller hosting plans. The different plans for Linux OS are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The base plan Bronze includes 1 free domain, 10 cPanel accounts, 20GB SSD disk space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate,cPanel + WHM, Softaculous, unlimited MySQL DB’s and unlimited email accounts. The base plan will cost you ₹290/mo which is the least comparatively.

Windows reseller hosting plans are named as Neo, Entry, Smart and Plus. The base plan starts at ₹290 providing 1 free domain,10 Plesk accounts, 20GB SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, Plesk Onyx 17.x, unlimited SQL DB’s, unlimited email accounts, Windows server 2016, etc.

Knowing the technical and non-technical details about reseller hosting, you can now easily bea web host hosting other’s websites. What are you waiting for? Be a part of MilesWeb by joining its resellers hosting.

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