How Does KVM Server Technology Influence The Performance Of Your Server?

KVM Server Technology

When compared side by side, VPS with cPanel stands out with its combination of low cost and high performance. Every web hosting plan in VPS hosting offers good value for money with its features, especially Linux VPS. VPS hosting uses virtualisation to create multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. Every virtual server acts as a standalone server with its own set of resources.

Each VPS server hosts only one website, which means websites do not have to compete for resources. And the isolation even offers better security by shielding them against the threat of the ‘bad neighbour effect’. VPS with cPanel also ensures better management. Virtualisation, which makes a VPS possible, uses a KVM accelerator to do its job. If you’re looking to buy VPS hosting, you must understand the role KVM plays.

Here’s a close look at how KVM server technology influences server performance.

What is a KVM server?

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is the technology that allows server virtualisation. It is a built-in feature of the Linux operating system. It uses the KVM Hypervisor, which enables a single server to split up into multiple virtual servers. KVM can run a virtual server so efficiently that it can almost match the performance of a physical server. Here are some of its benefits.

  1. Speed

Using the real-time extension, the Linux Kernel allows applications to run at lower latency with better prioritisation. It greatly reduces the loading time of a website which boosts your SEO efforts. It is smart enough to break down heavy computational tasks into smaller ones and schedules them for better efficiency and, of course, performance. Speed matters for a smooth user experience, and KVM contributes significantly towards achieving higher performance.

  1. Scalability

KVM also makes scaling possible. Every website  hosted online has a finite set of resources, the extent of which is determined by the hosting plan. Every VPS server in India comes with a wide range of plans. As a website grows and needs more resources to retain its performance, KVM adds more resources easier in VPS hosting.

  1. Reliability

Reliability is one of the pillars of a successful website. Take away the reliability, and the website quickly loses its users. KVM is compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software configurations. KVM’s versatility makes VPS hosting a more reliable web hosting platform. Reliability ensures a seamless performance, which translates into a better experience for site visitors.

  1. Security

One of the biggest USPs of VPS hosting is its ‘one server, one website’ policy. This feature not only improves performance but also boosts security. In addition to its virtual isolation, KVM uses a mix of secure virtualisation (sVirt) and security-enhanced Linux (SELinux). Together, these two factors make for a multi-layer security measure that is more effective than just a single protective measure. Also, vulnerabilities or infection from other servers does not affect your website.

KVM hypervisor is instrumental in driving the smooth performance of VPS hosting. It not only helps in creating virtual servers but also plays an active part in ensuring a seamless hosting experience for site owners as well as site visitors.

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