The Hidden Lesson in Google’s Big Title Change Announcement


Google’s recent announcement that it has changed the way it generates page titles for SERPs has everyone talking. Some SEO providers love it, others hate it. A small minority couldn’t care less. But all the talk about whether the change is good or bad misses a fundamental lesson found in the Google announcement itself.

In the August 24 (2021) post Google utilized to announce the title change, they explained their rationale by going back to changes made in 2012. Based on that explanation, it is hard to argue that adjustments were necessary due to how SEO providers were abusing the title tag. Google’s latest changes are really designed to take the adjustments made back in 2012 and make them better.

Paris, France – October 19, 2017 : homepage on the screen under a magnifying glass. Google is world’s most popular search engine

So what is the hidden lesson here? It is to make a concerted effort to not get caught up in producing websites and content for Google. Google is a tool users rely on to find your website. Your website and its content should be aimed at users first, search engines second.

The Evolution of SEO

Utah SEO provider Webtek Digital Marketing points out that SEO has evolved quite a bit since Google’s earliest days. Back when Google was in its infancy, it was largely a technology tool intended to help people make better use of an emerging internet. It has since grown to be a business behemoth and an entity that cares less about actual internet use and more about selling ads.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with that. Google is a business first and foremost. Its revenues are based primarily on ad sales. One would expect them to look out for their best interests at all times, even if that means changing their algorithms in ways that make SEO providers unhappy.

Likewise, companies like Webtek Digital Marketing are looking out for their best interests. So are the companies whose websites they market. Every business is ultimately in the business of making money. Every business puts its own interests first.

Customers Are the First Priority

As a Utah SEO provider, Webtek’s first priority is its customers. Those customers have their own first priority: the consumers they serve. Webtek acts as a go-between of sorts, helping their clients develop websites and content that their customers find useful.

Google is no different. They act as a go-between between internet searcher and website owner. They want to serve results that keep searchers happy and organic traffic flowing. When Google does its job, searchers find relevant web pages, website owners get traffic, and Google sells ads.

This suggests a symbiotic relationship between all parties involved. For the SEO provider, there is no denying that how Google does things matters. The SEO company would not exist if not for Google. On the other hand, Google would not be the powerhouse it is if SEO providers didn’t work so hard to make their algorithms happy. The two depend on one another.

Reevaluate Your KPIs

All this points to a reality that seems lost on so many SEO firms. That reality is the need to re-evaluate KPIs. An SEO provider who relies exclusively on Google’s KPIs to determine its own isn’t working for its customers, it’s working for Google.

SEO providers work for website owners. Those website owners work for the consumers who buy their products and services. In the end, it is all about creating a positive user experience that keeps consumers happy.

Do not let Google’s recent title change announcement throw you off. As an SEO provider, give Google the attention it deserves. But give your customers and their users the attention they deserve as well.

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