What you need to know to begin as a Web3 Game Developer


We are convinced that web3 game production is the next phase of online gaming, delivering significant improvements in game design, player ownership, and ecosystem success. Web3 games, as opposed to traditional games, which each have a private database, use shared blockchain technology to provide a decentralized, trustless, safe gaming environment where players can own their in-game assets.

Web3 Game Developer

Here, you will learn general tips to develop web3 game and get started as a game developer.

1.Understand and experiment with technology

Web3 games are entirely constructed on blockchain-based technology, so if you want to start as a web3 developer, you must check your facts on blockchain technology, including other digital currencies and smart contracts.

Blockchain is a technology that makes it extremely difficult for people to edit, hack, or cheat in any way, as the public database keeps the information as secure as possible.

Safety, openness, and rigidity are the strong points that blockchain offers; knowing the blockchain allows the developers to utilize these qualities in their favor in their process of game development.

2. Select the best blockchain platform

There are numerous blockchains to pick from, and each of them has its own set of features and advantages. Researching the best platform for your game can give you the right start.

As a developer, you must select a blockchain that meets the specific requirements of your game. This can be done by considering factors like liquidity, scalability choices, costs, MAUs, etc. Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and Binance Smart Chain, among others, are some platforms that are gaining hype in the market.

3. Take advantage of Play-to-Own

Initially, web3 games were created to be monetarily profitable for players through play-to-earn. However, play-to-earn games have a potential disadvantage in that the concentration on obtaining rewards could take away from the joy of the game itself.

Play-to-own is a gaming system that is gaining traction in the realm of web3 games. You can earn NFTs in such games by numerous gameplay elements such as completing missions, beating bosses, or making goods.

These NFTs are distinct and rare, implying that participants can legitimately own and exchange them in an autonomous marketplace. It results in a new level of player involvement and interaction, as players are compelled to keep playing to obtain more valuable in-game items.

4. Create a strong community.

Games developed by Web3 are powered by player and developer communities. When you are fostering the community and connecting with them, you can not only increase the interaction of your game but aid in the promotion of the game, as well as get feedback and suggestions for new features. Giving your players a sense of stake in the game keeps them interested in its success.

Developers must interact with the community regularly, listen to their input, and incorporate it into the development process. A strong community can also attract newcomers to the game, resulting in growth, sustainability, and enjoyment.

5. Take into account security.

Security is an important component of web3 games because users may invest real money in your game. Make sure your game is safe and not prone to flaws. Use a trusted and verified smart contract from the available templates. Considering a fuzzing service if you are beginning from scratch can be a smart move, and scheduling a smart contract audit far ahead of time, as qualified auditors are hard to come by.


Making web3 games is difficult but can also be rewarding. Developers must understand the technology, select the best blockchain for their game, incorporate NFTs, prioritize engaging gameplay, adopt a decentralized ethos, and establish a strong community.

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